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IThe Shackf you’re looking for a cool place full of fancy electronics equipment and all the components you’ll ever need (if you aren’t one of those people who need some really, really specific components) then today is your lucky day!

EARS has its very own place like that and it’s called “The Shack”. The Shack is where all of the magic happens when it comes to electronics or radio and, being the amazingly kind society that we are, we let you use it for £5/year! And yes, you can use all of the components and wire and other stuff for your own personal projects you want to get a head start on – as well as EARS projects of course.

And we’ve only just had a resistor order worth two hours of resistor-sorting-time (that is a lot of resistors to sort), so you can look forward to all of those brand new resistors!

If you want to use the Shack, you can follow the instructions on this link (scroll down to add-on 2 if you are already a member):



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