The Future of Sport

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The Future of Sport


Drone racing has really taken off (ahem) recently, with Dubai holding the World Drone Prix in March of this year, and the World Future Sports Games will take place there in 2017. The development of affordable and precise technology has opened up a new realm of possible sports, such as driverless car racing and robotic swimming, as well as human-controlled activities like drone racing and cybathlon for robot-assisted athletes.

The Challenge

The future of sport is wide open, and this challenge aims to encourage creative thinking to develop an idea for a future sport, and build a project that can sufficiently demonstrate this idea. What would you like to see? Could a human beat a machine playing darts? Can a computer’s precision take victory over a human instinct when sailing a boat? Or can you invent an entirely new sport?


  • A sport showcases the skill and talent of those that partake in it – whether that talent is in programming a robot, designing its mechanics or operating it remotely. A future sport would be really successful if the talent it requires can be appreciated by the audience.
  • A future sport should promote the development of new technologies, design methods or materials by pushing the limits of what is already in existence – be that fast response microcontrollers or ultra-reliable radio communications. Demonstration hardware need not utilise the latest and greatest technologies but a great sport would by nature inspire research and development in the technology it uses.
  • Last but by no means least, a proposed idea should have the potential to be a great spectator sport. It should capture the imaginations of a wide variety of people, and compel them to follow it. It could achieve this by being deeply tactical and strategic, fast paced and exhilarating, or involving, instilling a sense of kinship and team membership in the spectator, for example.

Some Starting Points

These resources may give you some ideas to help you begin making your solution, although there could be other ways to go about the problem as well.

  • Have a look here if you would like some inspiration.
  • This article gives a fun take on possible future sports and how technology might change sport in the near future, which may provide you with more inspiration.
  • Take a look at Google Cardboard if you want an affordable way of sharing your athlete’s perspectives.

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