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This task challenges entrants to build a suitable lunar rover demonstration vehicle, that can autonomously dock with a stationary target. The design used to accomplish this task is entirely up to the entrants, so long as the vehicle fits within a footprint of 40cm by 30cm.

This challenge invites entrants to come up with creative ways to use technology to improve the bed and breakfast routine. For example, these could include automatic drinks or breakfast preparations.

Every four years the Olympic Games take place, the general public faces the challenge of trying to learn and understand the sports they are watching on TV. It is a common problem – you don’t know the rules or the objectives, and try as you might, you have no idea what is going on. Human commentators are available but during festivals of sport such as the Olympics, there are just too many events taking place simultaneously for dedicated human commentary. What if a machine could do the hard work for you?

Drone racing has really taken off (ahem) recently, with Dubai holding the World Drone Prix in March of this year, and the World Future Sports Games will take place there in 2017. The development of affordable and precise technology has opened up a new realm of possible sports, such as driverless car racing and robotic swimming, as well as human-controlled activities like drone racing and cybathlon for robot-assisted athletes.

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