Python Course


Our new Python course is now up and running!

This course will start by introducing you to a Unix shell and will move on to basic Python syntax, program debugging, and basic object–oriented programming.Taught by Will Singer, our Python expert, and assisted by several demonstrators, you can learn the basics of this easy yet incredibly useful language for just £1 and five weeks of your time. The course fee can in cash at one of the sessions.

The sessions will have the following structure:

P0 – Introduction to Python and Linux

  • Why use Python?
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Difference between Python Shell and Script
  • A quick introduction to variables and I/O


P1 – Variables and Conditionals

  • What is a variable?
  • Variable Types and casting
  • What is a conditional?
  • If, For, When
  • AND/OR Keywords
  • range() Function
  • I/O Flow Control Exercise


​​P2 – Lists and For Loops

  • What is a list?
  • How to navigate a list
  • For loops in Python
  • The range function


P3 – Functions and Modules

  • What is a function?
  • What is a module?
  • Importing and using a module
  • Defining our own functions


P4 – Objects​

  • What is an object?
  • Attributes and method functions
  • Defining objects
  • Using objects
  • Mini Project​


If you have any questions about the course just send us an email at or send us a message via Facebook.

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