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EARS Facilities

EARS has many facilities, all of which are available for our member’s use. Notable facilities include the Makerspace, located in the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, and the Shack, located at 46AB05. Both the Makerspace and the Shack are available for member’s use 24/7.

The EARS Makerspace hosts our Ultimaker 2 3D Printer, 4-channel oscilloscopes, a CNC machine, well equiped soldering stations and smaller equipment and components necessary for electronics projects.

The Shack is our amateur radio lab. Inside there are two electronics benches furnished with equipment such as power supplies, multimeters, oscililloscopes, function generators, soldering irons, and even a spectrum analyser. A PC is provided for programming microcontrollers, and a range of tools for electronics construction and casework are on hand. For amateur radio users there are 5 rigs of varying wavelengths availiable for use, subject to you holding the relevant licence (EARS provides training to obtain a licence, see our amateur radio page for details). A PC is also available for playing with digital modes or SDR.



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