Give it a Go Rocketry

On the 15th November 2015, everyone can give rocketry a go!

We’re giving the University of Surrey Students’ Union’s “Give it a Go Week” a proper launch with “Give it a Go Rocketry”. We’ll be offering everyone a chance to try out model rocketry. Everyone is welcome, both members and non members, and the everyone will get one launch free.

The day will start at 9am in TB10 (Room 10 of the University’s Teaching Block). We’ll spend the morning and early afternoon building rockets and then launch them in the afternoon. Our launch site is yet to be confirmed, but will most likely be on the University farmland to the West of the Sports Park. We’ll be travelling to the launch site by foot and the terrain is likely to be muddy so don’t forget to bring a pair of Wellies.

There will be prizes for the rocket with the longest flight time and for the most creative rocket design.

The event will be a fun start to rocketry with EARS and we’re looking forward to seeing lots of people there 🙂

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