EARS Challenge Event Programme

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The Schedule for the 2015 EARS Challenge is as follows:


Saturday 19th December 2015

  • 10:00am, Arrive at the University of Surrey and start to form teams.
  • 10:30am, Welcome to The EARS Challenge and presentation of challenges
  • 11:30am, Start Creating
  • 1:30pm, Lunch!
  • Snacks provided throughout the day
  • 8:00pm, Dinner!
  • Snacks provided to allow work through the night


Sunday 20th December 2015

  • 8:00am, Breakfast!
  • More snacks available throughout the morning
  • 1:30pm, Lunch!
  • More Snacks for the afternoon
  • 5:30pm All work stops and presentations start
  • 7:00pm Winners announced
  • 7:30pm Finished.

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