Arduino Course


Our Arduino course was massively popular last year and now it’s back for 2016!

This year the course will be run by Marta Vicaro, our Electronics Officer, and will be taught by our two Arduino gurus, James Marks and Kiran Prinjha. Anyone is welcome to attend the course for a fee of £5 and thanks to generous funding from FEPS we have been able to reduce the course fee for EARS members to be just £3. The course fee can be paid online here or by cash at one of the sessions.

You can now also follow along with the course online. Just click on the sessions below to start learning.

The course will follow the following structure:

Session 1: Basic Arduino Introduction

  • What is an Arduino and what can it do?
  • IDE Feature Guide
  • Explanation of Arduino Sketch Structure
  • Basic Programming Constructs


Session 2: Exploring Other Pin Functions

  • Get button input to toggle an LED
  • Analogue Read using a potentiometer
  • Analogue Write to dim an LED
  • Tone to make sounds with a buzzer


Session 3: Exploring Serial Communication

  • UART to PC
  • SPI (Using SPI temperature sensor)
  • I2C (Using I2C temperature sensor)


Session 4: Advanced Arduino Features

  • Shift Register for more IO
  • Interrupts to speed up code
  • Timer Interrupts


Session 5: Final Project

  • Put your new Arduino skills to use in the final project!


If you have any questions about the course just send us an email at or send us a message via Facebook. We’re happy to visit and teach the course to a group, in person, just send us an email to arrange this.

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