About Us


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We’re Surrey EARS, the University of Surrey’s Electronics and Amateur Radio Society!

We’re one of the oldest societies at the University of Surrey and actually outdate the university, having been formed at Battersea Polytechnic sometime around 1960.

EARS aims to provide a place where anyone can learn about and play with technology by creating projects or participating in one of our many courses and events. When we started our main focus was on technology in the fields of amateur radio and electronics, but over time we’ve expanded into the areas of space, aerospace, and computing.

We’re lead by our members and over time our members have created loads of cool projects. To see what we’ve gotten up to head to our Wiki and if you’ve got an idea for a new project just head to our Forum and get started. Projects are where we really excel and we’re always looking for ideas for more.

To get in contact with us just send us an email at ussu.ears@surrey.ac.uk.