A Digital Sport Expert


A Digital Sport Expert


Every four years the Olympic Games take place, the general public faces the challenge of trying to learn and understand the sports they are watching on TV. It is a common problem – you don’t know the rules or the objectives, and try as you might, you have no idea what is going on. Human commentators are available but during festivals of sport such as the Olympics, there are just too many events taking place simultaneously for dedicated human commentary. What if a machine could do the hard work for you?

The Challenge

This challenge asks participants to create a system that can help the novice observer to understand and enjoy the sport they are watching. This could include deriving the rules, counting the score, tracking players around the court or pitch, analysing the action and giving commentary to describe what has taken place, or even giving insight into the tactics and strategies that are being used.


  • This challenge can be approached in many different ways, and there are lots of different solutions that could improve the sport viewing experience. It may help to first target a specific sport or problem, and then expand your solution once you have achieved your first goal.
  • A solution could take many forms – it could be an app that is downloaded to a smartphone and held in the hand at sports venues, or a program that runs on a computer or smart TV that is streaming content.

Some Starting Points

  • High level computational analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are available on the cloud, that can be used to perform this sort of work. IBM Bluemix is an excellent place to start.
  • This tutorial will show you how to create your own image analysis system using IBM Bluemix and the Visual Recognition API.

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